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July 2010




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Jul. 26th, 2010

Tsukiko Mizuki

Take Note!



Jun. 27th, 2010

Hoshino Utau


Hello everyone, sorry for not posting here for so long as you all know I am a busy person. And good news for you all!!! My and my sis, Azure write our story at http://tsukiazure.livejournal.com

So make sure you all come and visit me there or else I'll curse ya! Just joking, I don't even know how to curse a person! Lolz!

Jan. 17th, 2010

Hinamori Amu

2010 Had Finally Came! Sorry For The Late Post!

Hello everyone, long time no see or should I said long time no post? <3
Anyway, sorry for not posting here for so long.
I was kind of busy with school stuff. Well you know,when school re-open means new challenge had began! So I have to work hard for this challenge of the year! Well this year challenge will be even tougher because I will have my BIG EXAM for this year!!! (HOLY GOD HEAVEN!!!)
Why I said this is a BIG EXAM? Well it was because if you fail on just one subject of all of the subject in the exam, you will also still fail for the next year! So I really have to do my very best and chase for distinction (As Always~)!!!!

Well if you ask me about job, I still doing it because it just like teaching little brother or little sister (even thought I don't have one) so it not big deal! I still can do it since I only teach them at night and it is only once a week! And this could be my break time to relax a little! ^^

Beside let not keep talking about serious matter. And also hooray for 2010 and farewell 2009! This is year is the year of tiger, hooray tiger!!! Happy birthday to you, tiger!!! Weee~love you, tiger!!! *kiss the tiger*

So I wish everyone a Happy New Year (even though it is too late but still~)
And wish you all will have a wonderful happiness again for this year
And do your very best for this year and show your best for the year!!!

Okies, time for me to go now.
Will post more when I have time!

Might be half-hiatus because of school work and revision!
Will come and post when I have free time! *peace sign with the tiger*

Dec. 3rd, 2009

Amulet Heart


Hello everyone, how is everyone desu? Holiday is starting now and i was so hyper up.
Ne, ne guess what? I was so happy desu ne!
I get top-3 in my school. What a surprising isn't it? I quite shock for myself as well.
So now i planning to get top-1 for the next year!!!! So i will try my very best to get it! XD

Btw do forgive me for not posting here for a long time...since things at my family was a bit uneasy.
Well my family was a bit poor now, and even though I am still a student who study in high school, i wish o find a job too. Well a simple job like be a tution teacher or helping on taking care of the kids well i love playing with kids that's why! ^^

Well actually to speak the truth, i do teach some student this year around this january to october. All of them were so cute and it is fun to teach them. And when they have problem, they chat with you about their problems. So is better to be a kind of person who listen to people problems because in this way, you will be happy too when you saw them relax after you confort them! ^^

Between about my family stuff, well my dad going to other country today. He said that he going to find a job at another country since at here, he got no job anymore because most of the people bully him at here. And you know my dad is the kind of person who always let people bully him. Man, i can't talk back to the person who bully him because I still a kid, that's what everyone said. How i wish I grow up faster to help my family. But then my dad lessly talk to me even though I know he always working late but at least that when he was at home sitting at the living room doing nothing, he can come to me and have a chat with me but he didn't. Well even so he is my dad, I have to support him. Even thought he sometime give me a very bad image and memories and even though he lessly talk to my mom at house, he is still my dad. But if he dare to spill a single drop of blood to someone important to me, i gonna close tie with him. That's what i think. But i know a father's feeling so I continued support him. ^^

Well anyway hope my dad get to find a wonderful job there without any one bully him. Hope no one trick him either.
May god protect him. ^^

Okies that's the end of my post. Will post more next time.
Bye bye, everyone! ^^

Nov. 23rd, 2009


Christmas Present by Tsukiko Mizuki

Hello everyone.
Christmas is coming ne? I really couldn't wait for it~!!!
So happy advance christmas desu!!! <3

Here is the Christmas present from me to everyone here and I giving this graphic to my buddies in cruncyroll too~!!! <3

This one is for everyone too:

Well about my exam, i planned to do my best for the next time. So I might be less active here ne! <3
Anyway since Christmas is coming let all of us think about our best memories with our family and friends once again.

And so I did, I had think again about the event and moment which had happened to me in this year.
Many things had happened thought. Sad one and the happy one. And of course, the funny one too!

Most of my friends who were sobbing about their failure, indeed it was a sad thing for me too. But we can't always face to the darkness which gave you negative feeling. Face to the bright and feel the positiveness!

Even though we fail this time, it doesn't means we will fail again on the next.
Let's made a new wonderful beginning without any failure!
This is what we call life!

We might be a loser at this time, but it doesn't means we are loser forever!
So cheer up and get your mind clear
That you will do your best for the next time
And be the champion for the next time!

For the adult who were sobbing about their works, most of them sobbing that they hate their works and some of them sobbing that the work made them no rest. So I have another advice here although I was just 15 years old. But I do hope you listen carefully here.

Since you hate your job, then how about try to get another feeling?
Like try to enjoy our job better?
Since you had been fated to have this job, then try to enjoy it. How about listen a bit my story which about my school life?
No worry, it links to our topic about this!

I bet you all know what Science is, right? Science is a subject which is a corse which you must studied. At first, I really hate science a lot and that's why it cause me a lot of failure. But then thanks to my Science teacher who teaches me this year told me something which really cheer me up. She said, "Indeed. A lot of people hate science because they are too complicated and made people hard to understand it. But let's try to look another way around. What about we making science as a puzzle? Puzzle making you hard to think too so that you can't solve the puzzle. But then if you tried harder, you get to join all the puzzle just like science! Try to enjoy science as a game! And try to made friends with science and play with them. So that you will get to understand each other just like in real life how we made friends!"

Thanks to her words, my science was in the top now. Just like what she said, I tried to enjoy science and when it come to a difficult questions, i challenge them and play them like a puzzle. So you see? Same as work. Enjoy your work and if you find some difficulties, challenge them! Don't give up! If you keep trying, you will get it!

And of course for the adult which had the work which made them no rest like model or singer... well yeah, I not a model nor singer so indeed i might not know anything about the feeling that you feel. But when i think carefully once again. If you enjoyed your works, will you still feel it is tired? Wouldn't that made you feel even happy which you couldn't wait for the next job to be done! If it is me, i will try to enjoy the work and having fun in my job and i might cannot wait for the next job to be done!!! So that's why I was 15 years old now and I was planning a job for myself when I grow up, that is I want to be a teacher or a stories writter or a designer maybe! Yeah, I quite ambitious!

I want to be a teacher because for me, teahcing kids was fun!!! Yeah, I know I 15 years old yet I talking like an old women but then that's how i am. I don't have any younger brother nor younger sister, i am the only child in the family. And once when my neighbour asked help from me to take care of the kids and so I did. And of course, it is indeed hard to handle them since they were all so shy at first when they met you but after a while they will stick to you as a chopstick! I still remember at that time when i teach my neighbour's son how to count from 1 to 10! And it was fun. And I even made a pizza for him and feed him of course. We both share that small pizza just like sister and brother!

And the reason I want to be a stories writter because I want everyone to read my stories and it will help them learn something from the stories which I wrote! Once I read a story which I wrote by myself to my neighbour's son and after i finish reading it to him, he keep begging to read for him again and again. And indeed it feel so much fun!

And I want to be a desginer because I felt it is fun when I making graphics! I don't know why, it just like i get this kind of feeling which I love design. When I felt sad or stress, I will do some design and graphics stuff and this made me refreshed! And I love it! Probably this is my hobby!!! <3

Oppsy, i talk to much here! Well maybe I continued my talk tomorrow or next time!
Well anyway, don't feel depress. Look at the bright side! Be happy always!

As we all said that,
On the night sky, there is a small star and a big star!
Both of them had their own shine but no matter how you look at it,
Both of them had a beautiful and wonderful shine on them
So that means that everyone can shine by their own way!
No matter how shine is it, it is the wonderful shine ever!

Okay buh bye everyone~

Nov. 20th, 2009

Amulet Heart

Exam is Ended! School Festival is Fun!

Hello everyone~ sorry for the late post!
Since i was so busy with the school festival after exam!
I was in the drama for the school festival and i have to made myself as a boy. ^^

Anyway about my exam, well it was only an average mark! Not very high, well indeed, it depress me a lot! Anyway i wll try my best for the next time! i won't give up ne!!! <3

Anyway December coming means Christmas is coming!!! Banzai! Love Christmas! Because Santa is coming to town! Lolz~

Okies gotta get busy making people graphic request! Buh bye~
I post more when i free ok? Peace! *show a peace sign*

Oct. 20th, 2009


Exam Coming!!!!

Hello everyone!!! Long time no see!!! (≧∀≦) ♥
How is everyone? ^^
Sorry for not posting here for so long! I was quite busy nowadays~ since a lot of people request me a lot of graphics!
Anyway exams is coming!!! For this time I must made sure that I will get all 90% above! It's a MUST!!!! I MUST GET IT AND I MUST DO IT!!!
But then still I was so scared about exam but then I still told myself even though exam is pretty scary indeed but I have to get over it and must get 100% or 90% above!!!
If I get 90% below, I will punish myself by reading all different language dictionary which I had in my house!!! (I'm always don't like read dictionary!)
Yosh~!!! Gamabatte, gambatte!!! So my exam is start on 26 October and it will end on 9 November! Quite long ne? But then I won't give up!!! This is the final year exam!!! I must do very well and become the most top student at school!!!! <3 Yosh minna, wish me a lot of luck ne?
(≧∀≦) ♥
Okies gotta go now! Will post more aftere exam!
Buh bye~

Do wish me a lot of luck ne? My beloved friends~

Oct. 9th, 2009

Amulet Spade

Blue Floral Sereinity Graphic

Amulet Heart

Purple Flora Graphic by Tsukiko Mizuki

Yosha~ it's been a long time i didn't post here ne? Sorry bcuz i didin't post anything here including during my b-day ne~
Anyway i made this two graphic yesterday! ^^ Hope u all like it!

Oct. 3rd, 2009

Amulet Heart

My B-Day Is Coming And Bad Things Came Today...

My b-day is coming on the 6 October!!! Yay~ it gonna coming ne!!! ^^ I even order a cheese chocolate cake and take it on 6 October.
Well yes, I am indeed happy today because my b-day is coming and today my school's Hari Raya Festival was fun!!! <3

But bad things came as well today. I felt like my dad had no love for me. Because today a guy who was my dad's customer always calling me to go out with him. And I means that guy is a stranger and he might rape me when I go out with him so I keep rejecting that guy. Then I told my mom about it. And my mom even told the guy that she not allow me to go out with him but then still that guy keep forcing me to go out with him which made me piss off so I scold that guy. I scold him, "Stop making me to go out with you! I say NO is NO! You damn prevert, I warning you not to come to my house anymore if not, I will call the police! I serious! Don't you think I don't dare to!" that what I said to him. Then my dad scold me. He scold me that I will made his business goes worst since I scold his customer. Then I replied him, "You know that guy keep asking me to go out with him. Don't you think like what if I been rape by him if I go out? Use your brain a bit, will you?"
Then he answered this, "Who care? No matter what is it, don't you dare to lost my customer nor making my business worst!" then I was very mad then I said, "So that's means your business was much more important than your daughter?" Then he didn't replied me. At night, I told my mom and god-father about this. My mom keep scolding him now. My god-father just confort me there.

I was hurt now. I know my dad is a kind of person like stubborn, he thought that he is the best, he always backstabbing people especially my mom always. He always hurt my mom which cause my mom always say want to divorce with him. Actually I do saw once he hurt my mom before. When my mom sick, he didn't even care. When me and my mom asked him to bring mom to go to doctor, he said "Later!" or "Wait!" or "Give me 1 hour!" and it just like he didn't care. What if it is emergency? See? I don't know I should hate him or not. He never say he love me before. He willing to do anything just to get to his goal including ignore his family.

Once there is a snake in my room, my dad was just at my back. I call him to help me get rid of the snake as you know i scared snake then he didn't made any action all he do is just watch me there! And thank god it was my mom was save me at that time. It just like I having all my time with my mom and god-father. Yes, my dad might be probably be busy so he can't having his time with me so much but then still why he willing to let his daughter in danger just for his business?

Anyway I better don't keep thinking about this now. It might get me to depress mode if I keep thinking this so I must look at the bright side and ignore all this idiot thing. I will try my best on study and get the best work and show my idiot dad that he is was wrong! He just won't admit he's wrong, you know? Anyway That's all for today.
Will post more soon! Buh bye~ ^^

No worry, I'm okay here. Even thought it is hurt a bit but I can get over it and I believe I can! ^^

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