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July 2010



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Amulet Heart


Hello everyone, how is everyone desu? Holiday is starting now and i was so hyper up.
Ne, ne guess what? I was so happy desu ne!
I get top-3 in my school. What a surprising isn't it? I quite shock for myself as well.
So now i planning to get top-1 for the next year!!!! So i will try my very best to get it! XD

Btw do forgive me for not posting here for a long time...since things at my family was a bit uneasy.
Well my family was a bit poor now, and even though I am still a student who study in high school, i wish o find a job too. Well a simple job like be a tution teacher or helping on taking care of the kids well i love playing with kids that's why! ^^

Well actually to speak the truth, i do teach some student this year around this january to october. All of them were so cute and it is fun to teach them. And when they have problem, they chat with you about their problems. So is better to be a kind of person who listen to people problems because in this way, you will be happy too when you saw them relax after you confort them! ^^

Between about my family stuff, well my dad going to other country today. He said that he going to find a job at another country since at here, he got no job anymore because most of the people bully him at here. And you know my dad is the kind of person who always let people bully him. Man, i can't talk back to the person who bully him because I still a kid, that's what everyone said. How i wish I grow up faster to help my family. But then my dad lessly talk to me even though I know he always working late but at least that when he was at home sitting at the living room doing nothing, he can come to me and have a chat with me but he didn't. Well even so he is my dad, I have to support him. Even thought he sometime give me a very bad image and memories and even though he lessly talk to my mom at house, he is still my dad. But if he dare to spill a single drop of blood to someone important to me, i gonna close tie with him. That's what i think. But i know a father's feeling so I continued support him. ^^

Well anyway hope my dad get to find a wonderful job there without any one bully him. Hope no one trick him either.
May god protect him. ^^

Okies that's the end of my post. Will post more next time.
Bye bye, everyone! ^^