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"♦"☃" ✖" Μıźυĸı - ẀоѓĻđ " ✖"☃ "♦"


Hello there! Welcome to my live journal and a very nice to meet you here! Want to know more about me? Well sure, but not that much sorry~!!! Well I will tell you more about me someday, I think~ lolz!!!

Name: Tsukiko Mizuki
Nickname: Tsuki-chan & a lot more~
Place I come from: ♫~ From Your Dream ~♫
Hobbies: Listen to musics, Making poems and design, Writting story, Fishing, Playing badminton and many more~
Ambition: Becoming a teacher and a writter~

Interested in: Books, Arts, Matrial arts, Countries's culture, Animes & many more~
Favourite Colours: Blue, Red & Yellow~ Favourite Season: Spring & Autumn Fovourite Plant: A lot especially Cherry Blossom~

Things that I dislike: Smoke, Drug, Lie, Can't wake up by myself during the morning, Look at people been bully and failed in the test~
Things that I like: Animes, Musics, Books, Cute stuff, Countries's culture, writting story and a lot more~

My Personality: I am a positive girl and I had no energy during the morning but I very hyper during the afternoon. And I get crazy when I saw animes and cute stuff~ I'm a cheerful person so no worry but I will get very mad if I saw someone was been bully~ I can be shy sometimes if I did something embrassing things~ (Come on if you are human, you can be shy sometimes~ not only me!) My characters a bit like Hinamori Amu from the animes called Shugo Chara~ And I always wish I can be cool like Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight~ (but not sucking people blood personality, okay?) I know I crazy about talking my character by using animes but it's true~ I hate to break my promise so if I promise something, for sure I will do it~ If I failed on something, I will feel down just for 1 second and I will get cheer up after 1 second because everytime I failed, I will tell myself not to give up like the quote that I made, "You might be a loser today but it doesn't means that you are loser forever~"
And yup, that's my quote~!!!
I loves flowers mostly cheery blossom~
I always wish to go around the world~
I will cry sometimes if I was very sad and I loves any kind of books and movies but I hate Horror~
And I am a girl who like jokes a lot~ that's why sometimes I will be a bit funny~!!!
And I can be loud sometimes too~ so bear for it ne~
And I loves musics a lot~!!! And poems too~!!!
And I am a girl who loves fantasy because of too adicted in fantasy world~

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Feel free to visit my other blog here:

You will know more place to link with me, if you are my friends~

All right, that's all for today~!!! Thank you very much for visiting my profile~!!!
Hope we can become a great friends~!!!

© Tsukiko Mizuki ll Mizuki-chan™
♡ All Rights Reserved 2009♡